Monday, 10 November 2014


So it was a slightly unusually journey to work this morning… I encountered traffic.  I know, to most people that really doesn’t sound that unusual, but given the time I drive to work, there really isn’t that much traffic on the roads that that point.  Most sane people are still tucked up in their beds, many probably not even contemplating getting up for another hour.

Typically I see around 20 cars on my journey, often less.  This morning, while waiting to turn right into the office car park I encountered more traffic than I see along the entire route to work.  The incessant tick-tick, tick-tick of my indicator was starting to grate on my nerves as I waited for a seemingly endless line of traffic to pass.

Had it not been for the fact it was completely dark outside, other than the street lights, and of course the blinding headlights of the oncoming line of traffic, I would have been tempted to double check my clock, on the assumption that maybe I had overslept and inadvertently found myself in the midst of rush hour traffic.

Eventually, there was a gap large enough for me to wiz through before I got stuck there indefinitely.  The empty car park greeted me, reassuring me that whilst the rest of the country may have suddenly decided to get up early, normalcy remained present and well at my office, and I continued to be the only insane commuter to arrive at work before 7am.   I’m not entirely sure why I find that so comforting…

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