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It’s CIMA Results Day

All week my team have been on tender hooks, nervously awaiting their exam results.  Watching their anxious expressions and desperate attempts to distract themselves from wondering if they have passed or failed, brought back memories of waiting for my own exam results, a few years ago when I was training to become a professional accountant.

The lead up to any results day is never fun.  Of course when you pass, the elation and relief is undeniably wonderful, emphasised by the level of fear experienced beforehand.  The most memorable day for me was back in 2004, the day the results were announced I was on a family holiday. 

We were in the midst of a driving holiday around western Canada at the time.  We began our trip in Calgary, and headed through the Canadian Rockies, through Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and Wells Gray Provincial Park, before heading on to Vancouver and Victoria.  It was an amazing trip (which I will post on my travel blog soon), but it wasn't exactly the most relaxing time for me, as I gazed at the stunning scenery, with fingers crossed that I had passed my exams.

The day the results actually came out, we had left Jasper and were staying at the Montana Hills Guest Ranch in Bridge Lake, BritishColumbia, not far from Wells Gray Provincial Park.  The owners were lovely and thankfully let me borrow their computer to check my email.  Well, I say me, but actually I was too nervous and sent my Dad and brother off with my password, while I hid in the cabin praying for good news. 

They came rushing back to the cabin, waving a print out in the air shouting, ‘You’ve passed! You’ve passed!’  I can’t tell you how relieved I was. 

Originally I’d thought being on holiday on results day was a terrible idea, but looking back now, the results made that holiday even more memorable.  I can honestly say that for most of my result days, I have no idea where I was, but that one and my family’s delighted faces as they shared the news and we celebrated, will remain in my heart forever.

What’s your most memorable results day?  I’d love to hear your stories…