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Elaina James Jewellery - coming soon

I'm so excited to announce the launch of my handcrafted jewellery collection, with my Elaina James Jewellery store opening on Etsy next week.

My designs are available in customised colours and lengths, and I'm always up for a challenge if you have a specific style or idea in mind...

I also make handcrafted clay charms, with a range of book, graduation, wedding, skating, and other charms available.

Here's a quick example of some of my designs:

New Directions - Script Writing

Last year I moved to the coast to focus on my writing. What I didn’t expect was that the move would also lead my writing in a new direction...
At Christmas I met filmmaker Vahid Keshavarz. His passion and enthusiasm for his craft helped to reinvigorate my own creativity, which despite my best intentions had been floundering as my move had proved to be somewhat more distracting than motivating.

Vahid’s short films have received multiple nominations, short listings and awards at international film festivals.

Vahid and his crew are currently planning their next project, which is a short film entitled 'A Heart Between Us'. I’m incredibly excited because it’s a script that Vahid and I have co-written.

'A Heart Between Us' is a short film about human connection and the impact someone can have on our lives even when they are no longer with us. It's a young woman's struggle with loss and grief and her realization that life is a gift.

In order to get filming underway, we do…

Katie Fforde Bursary 2019

I'm so delighted to announce that I'm a recipient of The Katie Fforde Bursary 2019.

It's such a huge honour and privilege to receive this award, and know that I am in such great company amongst the fabulous writers who have won previously. Katie seeks to support and encourage unpublished writers each year with her award, and I am so thrilled to be selected as one of this year's recipients.

I had a fantastic weekend in London sightseeing and celebrating with my fantastic friend, Ellie Henshaw. Thank you for my beautiful necklace to commemorate the occasion; I will treasure it forever.

I have met the most amazing and supportive people since I joined the RNA, and I'm so privileged to be part of such an enthusiastic group.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends in the Birmingham Chapter and the whole of the RNA. I'm really grateful for all your kind wishes of support and encouragement.

Thank you all xxx

Tidal Tales: Fairy Tales and Ticking Clocks

2018 was a year of change for me. Last October I took a 12 month career break from being an accountant to enable me to focus on my writing, and I moved to the South Coast to live by the ocean for a few months while I finish my novel. This truly is living my dream. However, there is one slight snag… Like Cinderella, my fairy tale comes with an expiration date. At the end of September the clock will strike midnight and I will return to my old life and my old job. So this means I have 9 months left to live my dream, and I am making the most of every moment! To be honest moving down here hasn’t turned out to be anything like I expected. But then assumptions are so very often wrong:
Assumption 1
I would be so lonely living miles away from everyone I know, that after one month I would be heading home.
The reality however, is that I’ve already been here 3 months and I never want to leave. I’ve made some fantastic new friends and have joined two local RNA chapters. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my …