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Book Launch: A Convenient Marriage - Jeevani Charika

Today I'm joining in with the celebrations for the launch of A Convenient Marriage. 

The book spans 17 years, and author, Jeevani Charika, asked the question; 'If you could talk to your younger self from 20 years ago, what would you tell them?' 

For me the answer is simple, after a year of huge changes I would tell my younger self that one day she would be living her dream. She'd move to the coast, be writing books and running her own jewellery business.

Of course, she wouldn't believe me.

To be honest, it still surprises me too. 

But what this last year has taught me, is to expect the unexpected. To seize the opportunities that come your way, even when they are scary.  But most importantly always follow your heart, even when it seems like the craziest thing to do. It's amazing where you end up when you do!

It was the perfect marriage… until they fell in love.

Chaya is a young woman torn between her duty to family and her life in the UK. While her traditional Sri Lankan parents want her to settle down into marriage, what they don’t know is that Chaya has turned away the one true love of her life, Noah, terrified of their disapproval.

Gimhana is hiding his sexuality from his family. It’s easy enough to pretend he’s straight when he lives half a world away in the UK. But it’s getting harder and harder to turn down the potential brides his parents keep finding for him.

When Chaya and Gimhana meet, a marriage of convenience seems like the perfect solution to their problems. Together they have everything - friendship, stability and their parents’ approval. But when both Chaya and Gimhana find themselves falling in love outside of their marriage, they’re left with an impossible decision – risk everything they’ve built together, or finally follow their heart?


  1. Thank you so much for joining in the blog splash, Elaina! Congrats on your jewellery business. Living by the sea sounds amazing.

  2. Thanks Rhoda, it's a dream come true! And good luck with the book, I wish you every success and can't wait to read it - I have pre-ordered my copy today x


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