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Book Review: The Oyster Catcher By Jo Thomas

Who hasn’t day dreamed at some point of packing it all in and heading off for a completely fresh start somewhere new and exciting? Though for Fi it’s less of a day dream and more of a living nightmare. 

This was a gripping and charming read, that I couldn’t put down. I was desperate to know what would happen to Fi and the oysters she had developed a love / hate relationship with. 

Jo has a wonderful way of making her descriptions come to life and I could clearly see the beautiful (yet rainy) coastline. I was really routing for Fi throughout the novel and I loved the eclectic cast of characters in this quaint and unusual little town. 

Fi’s past contains a secret that she’s too embarrassed to share. But her determination to do the right thing, outweighs her desperation to remain hidden in the background. I loved Fi’s character arc, and was cheering her on as she went on a journey of self-discovery and tested the boundaries of what she believed she was capable off. 

The Oyster Catcher* is an uplifting and inspiring tale of heart break, inner strength and community. All in all a delightful read. 

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