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The Kitchen Saga Continues

I’m getting rather tired of rearranging furniture.  It started with emptying the kitchen in preparation for the new one.  I disassembled the kitchen table so it would fit through the door and reassembled it temporarily in the lounge, the fridge was moved into the dining room and I emptied all the cupboards into boxes and stashed them wherever I could find room.  Except none of it turned out as temporary as it was supposed too.  The kitchen refit dragged on for weeks as I encountered problem after problem and delay after delay, but I persevered, what else could I do? 

While I waited for the decorator to fit me into his busy schedule I decided this would be a good time to move all the pots and pans out of their boxes and find a home in the lovely new cupboards and have a clear out of the utility room as well.  A major spring clean ensued.  I lost count of the trips I made to the charity shop to donate items I had accumulated over the years, and countless plastic bottles and tubs emerged from their hiding places and made their way to the recycling bin.

Then I hit another snag… the radiators weren’t working properly.  On inspection the gas supplier came to the conclusion that they needed flushing out.  It was only a two day job, but they needed access to every radiator to change the valves as well.  I went through the house moving furniture and ornaments out of the way of the radiators.  The lounge and dining room, still cluttered with stray items from the kitchen, proved tricky but I managed it.  Of course once the heating was fixed, I had to then put it all back again…

Exasperating I wasn’t done yet though…  I discovered a crack in the new granite worktop.  Seriously a crack!  This stuff is supposed to be tough and hard wearing and it’s cracked already.  Needless to say I’m not impressed.  The company came and inspected and agreed to replace it, so guess what…?  All those nicely packed cupboards of pots and pans needed to be emptied again.

After a few weeks delay, as the initial replacement apparently cracked during cutting and so the company had to source another piece to work with, it finally arrived.  To my surprise, and immense relief the old worktop slid out relatively easily without disrupting the up stand, splash back or tiles, phew!  The new piece was slid in and our smiles faded… it was cracked in exactly the same place.

The fitters and I stared at it in disbelief, all that work and it was still wrong.  A phone call to the company resulted in a promise that they would put it right, which is great but still means I’ll have to go through all of this yet again.  The guys left, somewhat deflated, I cleaned the cupboards and refilled them once more, frustrated to discover that I couldn’t quite remember how it had all come out and even more frustrated by the knowledge that I will be doing this yet again when a replacement is ready.

Everything’s on hold now while I wait to hear back from the company, not that I want the new worktop just now anyway, I’d actually quite like to put my Christmas tree and decorations up and am therefore taking a well-earned break from emptying cupboards and moving furniture.