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Best Idea or Worst Decision

So I could have had the best idea ever, or potentially have just made the worst decision. Today I took a bold step into uncharted territory. I sent some of my song lyrics to one of my class mates on my writing course, who just happens to be an amazingly talented musician in search of a lyricist to collaborate with.

Sounds perfect right? You’re probably wondering how this could ever even remotely be considered a bad decision. I mean the chance to actually have music to my lyrics (aside from the out of tune singing I attempt when I’m writing them) is a fantastic opportunity. There’s just one teeny tiny snag… we work together.

No one at work knows about my lyric writing. A few know about my stories but absolutely no one knows about my lyrics and I’d kind of envisaged it staying that way. I trust that he will keep my secret to himself, especially as he’s not exactly advertising his own musical aspirations in the office, though having heard his creations I really don’t know why not. The problem is that my lyrics are incredibly personal, in many ways more so than my stories. So not only does it feel kind of strange to be giving them to a colleague who up until this point has only know me as a serious accountant, it’s also incredibly nerve wracking.

What if he hates them? What if he thinks I’m crazy? Ok the more I think about it the more it sounds like the most ridiculous idea ever. How do you retract an email that’s been sent...?