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The Reluctant Gardener: Lingering Effects of Storm Doris

This has been the view from my kitchen window ever since storm Doris uprooted a tree. Yes, I know that was over a month ago. Yes, I know that was too long to neglect the tree lying across my lawn. Have you noted the title of this blog series? Reluctant is putting it mildly when it comes to my gardening abilities. I will do almost anything to avoid even the simplest of task such as mowing the lawn, so when it comes to anything that involves actually getting my hands dirty and digging, my ability to procrastinate is truly impressive. Although, I have had a good excuse recently – did you see my post about my two jobs? See, I have been busy. Very busy. Far too busy to venture out into my garden with a spade…

To be fair I’d known for a while that the tree was a little wobbly and needed to be replanted much deeper, but it’s one of those things I hadn’t quite got around to. After all, it was still standing. It may have swayed frantically even in the slightest of breezes, but it was fine really.

In a way storm Doris was just doing me a favour by saving me the hassle of digging the tree out myself. Not that I particularly saw it that way when I looked out of my window to find a tree sprawled across my garden. Nor have I seen it that way as I’ve clambered over said tree on the rare occasion that I’ve had to venture down the garden path. Call me ungrateful, but I would have preferred it if the tree had been left standing, swaying gently (uh hum) in the breeze. Instead, it’s forced me (eventually) to take action and deal with something that I had been very successfully avoiding until its interference.

So yesterday I grudgingly headed outside, dusted the cobwebs of my scarcely used spade and dug a hole, before battling with a tree that is a lot heavier than it looks. If my neighbours find my attempts at mowing the lawn entertaining, goodness knows what they thought of the crazy women holding a conversation with a tree, issuing instructions and directions to guide it into its new home, which for the most part it chose to completely ignore.

As I stood in my kitchen last night nursing my aching back, thinking how much larger my garden looks without a tree occupying half of the lawn, I gazed contentedly at my now upright tree only to discover it still sways. A lot.