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Book Review: Girl in Red Velvet by Margaret James


Book Summary:

Girl in Red Velvet is a novel about friendship and impossible choices. When Lily Denham met two boys on her first day at Oxford University, she never imagined that she would fall in love with both of them, or that one day she would have to choose between them.


Beautifully written, Girl in Red Velvet had me hooked from the start as I wondered who Lily would choose. Harry and Max are both intriguing, well rounded characters who are complete opposites, but equally appealing in their own individual ways. I found myself sharing Lily’s dilemma as I wondered who I would choose myself: safe and dependable Harry, or exciting and adventurous Max.

At the start of the novel, Lily is a strong willed, independent woman with her own distinctive style. She doesn’t care what other people think or whisper about her behind her back. How I would love to be that bold!

However, Lily discovers that as hard as making a decision can be, living with that choice can be even harder. Lily’s choice leads her to a life so different from the one she had imagined, and in the process her distinctiveness fades into conformity. To me, this novel was a reminder of how easy it is to let the choices we make cause us to loose ourselves, and how difficult but essential it is to find the courage to turn our lives around again.

A wonderful, inspirational novel that reminded me it’s never too late to follow your dreams.