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Book Review: Everything But The Truth by Gillian McAllister

Everything But The Truth was recommended to me on the basis that Gillian McAllister writes gripping stories with strong emotional character threads running through them. I wasn’t disappointed. Gillian has created rich, layered characters, who I couldn’t wait to read more about as I delved further into their world.

It was fascinating to follow Rachel as one email in the middle of the night causes her to question everything she knows about the man she loves. And love him she does. Through Gillian’s elegant writing style, Rachel’s voice was clear and her emotions were cleverly portrayed throughout in her explicit yet simple descriptions of what she liked and loved, as though Rachel was confiding in the reader as a friend.

Everything But The Truth is an excellent example of how even the smallest of lies can spiral out of control. This novel made me realise that the desire to protect the image that someone else holds of us, can lead to deceit. But one little lie or one simple omission can quickly grow into something more. One lie is never enough, and more and more lies grow around it to protect the original secret, until one tiny question pulls at the threads of even the strongest of relationships, and it all unravels.

It was absorbing to watch Rachel and the lengths she was prepared to go to in order to uncover the truth as she uncovers more and more lies. Throughout the novel, hints about Rachel’s own past helps the reader to understand her motivations and yet at the same time question whether her reactions might also be slightly hypocritical. The mystery isn’t just about what secrets Jack is keeping, but also what Rachel is hiding as well.

Seeing Rachel battle with memories from her past, desperate to escape from the work she loved, and yet unable to find herself without it, gave me an eye opening window into the world of medicine, albeit safety shielded behind an thick layer of double glazing. I knew doctors had it tough, I was aware of the long hours and the tough decisions, of course I was. But until I read this I never really knew. Of course, reading a book is nothing like experiencing it as a reality every day, but it gave me a new appreciation for what they do. I know I couldn't do it, and I'm in awe of those who do.

Overall, this was an exceptional debut. A gripping page turner, full of suspense, intrigue and characters who compel you to want to know more about them.