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Curtis Brown Discovery Day 2016 - Part 3

You may have picked up from the underlying trend in my blog posts that I am a worrier. It doesn’t matter what it is, I will worry about it. The more important something is, or the more eager I am, the more I worry about it.

As you can imagine I’m therefore doing rather a lot of worrying about the upcoming Discovery Day.

There are two things that concern me.  Ok so there are actually more than that, but I figure you haven’t got all day:

1, When I’m nervous I tend to babble. 

I fill any momentary silence with chatter. I go off on a tangent and ramble. This is all in spite of the little voice in my head telling me to shut up. I don’t.

2, When I’m nervous I talk quickly. 

It’s actually quite impressive how fast I can talk. Think back to the 90’s sitcom Blossom.  Remember Blossom’s best friend Six? The really chatty one who talks too fast. Yep, that’s the one. See my problem?

The pitch sessions are only 6 minutes which really doesn’t seem all that long. However, it’s amazing how much babbling you can do in that time when you talk at super speed.

As a result I’m reciting my pre-prepared pitch every chance I get and to anyone who’ll listen (sorry folks). So far it’s going well and has resulted in countless offers of representation. It’s just a shame that none of these offers come from people who actually work in the publishing industry.

Realistically I know that this isn’t going to happen. Six minutes, no matter how long it feels, isn’t long enough for an agent to make such a huge decision as offering representation.  My original aims for the day were to get feedback to help make me a better writer and to learn a little about the publishing world.  As the day gets closer though I have revised my aims. Now my hope is to simply avoid making a bad impression. Anything beyond that would be an added bonus.