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Most families inherit things from their ancestors. An antique vase that no one can stand but can't bring themselves to get rid of because it has history. The colour of their eyes that comes from their father, or their mothers nose.

Me, well I inherited the family quest in addition to my brown eyes from my dad. The quest has been passed down from my grandmother to my mother, aunts and even cousins. We all activity pursue the same goal, and so far we have all failed.

So what is this impossible mission?

It's the quest for the perfect handbag.

I came close to achieving it once. I found a bag with just the right number of separate pockets. There was a place for my keys, a pouch for my phone, somewhere for my make-up and purse and even a handy little pocket for my business cards so I could avoid the embarrassing unprofessional rummage. Finally there was a larger section for everything else.

There was just one problem, it turns out that there's a lot of 'everything else'.

The solution was to buy a bigger bag. 

The problem with this one though is that it lacks sufficient small pockets so everything is lumped together in the 'everything else' section. No matter how carefully and neatly I pack it, every time I unzip it the contents have all helpfully rearranged themselves in a random assortment of chaos. Rummaging ensues.

The men in our family think we're crazy. According to them everything essential can be fitted into pockets. No bag is required. I shall refrain from getting on my soap box about the lack of pockets in women's clothing.

The thing is that their theory that anything that doesn't fit can be left behind isn't always true. At such times however they do have a solution. They give this large non fitting item to me to carry in my bag and add to the random assortment and create the need for more rummaging as I wade through their stuff as well as my own.

They however are still travelling light with just the contents of their pockets. 

Do they ever offer to carry my bag with its additional weight? Nope.

Who says chivalry is dead?