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Beating Deadlines

My entries for this years songwriting contest have been submitted - and look there's even a whole day left until the deadline. Are you impressed?

To be fair I submitted what was going to be my one and only entry last week. But then in a bolt of inspiration I wrote some new lyrics, which I loved even more than the first ones, and then kicked myself for having been so organised and already submitted. Which meant there was only one thing I could do... Submit a second entry.

Okay so technically there were two things I could have done, the second being to simply do nothing, but inaction didn't really seem like the best way of getting my lyrics out there.

Of course by tomorrow I'll be cursing myself for submitting either, as I nervously await the results and wonder why I put myself through this torment of anxious hope.

Ah the tortured life of a writer.

The thing is, aside from the knot in my stomach, bitten down nails and thread bare carpet from all my nervous pacing, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So maybe it's not so much a tortured life, but more an obsessed one.