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Writing Rituals

This weeks writing class morphed into a discussion about our writing rituals.  Many of my fellow writers admitted that they find it hard to be disciplined to sit down and start writing.  They have to trick themselves into writing a paragraph by promising that they can then do something else afterwards.  Of course, once they start they get lost in their writing and the bribe isn't required.  But they needed that motivation to get started.

Once again I found myself astounded by our differences.  I race through my chores, putting off what I can, just so I can have the luxury of sitting down in front of my keyboard.  I seize every opportunity for a few spare moments to make notes and reach for my note pad the second I crawl into bed at night, even though I'd barely been able to keep my eyes open only moments before.

I don't need help getting started, it's the off switch, or at least the pause button that I need help finding.