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The Writing Class: The Long Days Of Summer

I don’t know what happened to the summer. Did we have one? Did I miss it? I don’t just mean in terms of the weather, I mean the whole thing.

I had all these plans for what I would achieve over the summer.  However, October’s arrived and guess what? My plans are still just that. Plans.

I don’t know why I thought I would achieve so much in July to September.  Did I somehow overlook the fact that I have a full time job and it doesn’t come with a term time only working arrangement?

It seems that the notion of my elusive summer of productivity stemmed from the fact that I wasn’t attending my weekly writing class during that period.  Sadly I failed to consider that my class is only 2 hours once a week, so not going to class only freed up one evening for a few weeks.

When I look at it that way perhaps I wasn’t as unproductive with my ‘summer off’ as I thought.