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Mslexia Guest Blogger

I'm absolutely delighted to announce that in the new year I will be taking up a 3 month residency as a guest blogger for Mslexia

At this point I feel I should apologise to anyone who knows me and has already heard this news multiple times in the last few hours.  Usually in a high pitched, sing-song voice whilst I jump up and down.  Common sense and maturity will prevail at some point I promise... But I make no promises as to when that might be.

My guest blog will be looking at the writing process from the slightly different view point of a lyricist with stage fright.

Whilst I write short stories and novels, my love of writing started with writing lyrics. This is still the form I am most passionate, and yet most secretive about.

I'll be looking back at my journey from a disastrous debut performance as a singer songwriter, through years of confining my dreams to secret notebooks, to finally finding the courage to enter a song writing contest. 

I hope that by sharing my experiences I'll shed light on the lessons I’ve learnt and the humorous way I discovered them.  Writing, in any form, requires you to take chances and criticism. I hope that my story can encourage others to be brave (and in key).

I do hope you'll stop by the Mslexia blog and say Hi.