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Publication News - Carrying The Past

I'm thrilled to announce another of my short stories has been published in this months edition of Scribble magazine.

'Carrying the Past' is, as its title suggests, about the inability to leave the past behind, and the art of perfecting the act of pretending we can.

It was inspired by Tim O'Brien's 'The Thing's They Carried'. Whilst my story isn't set in the midst of a war, and it doesn't consider the weight of any physical items, 'The Things They Carried' inspired me to consider the weight of the emotions that we carry. Are we weighted down by guilt from our mistakes and failures? Do our choices haunt us like ghosts at our backs? Do we carry the past with us as we move through each day? Is moving forward and starting over ever truly possible?

I didn't say it was a cheery piece now did I?