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The Kitchen Saga Continues

I’m getting rather tired of rearranging furniture.  It started with emptying the kitchen in preparation for the new one.  I disassembled the kitchen table so it would fit through the door and reassembled it temporarily in the lounge, the fridge was moved into the dining room and I emptied all the cupboards into boxes and stashed them wherever I could find room.  Except none of it turned out as temporary as it was supposed too.  The kitchen refit dragged on for weeks as I encountered problem after problem and delay after delay, but I persevered, what else could I do?  While I waited for the decorator to fit me into his busy schedule I decided this would be a good time to move all the pots and pans out of their boxes and find a home in the lovely new cupboards and have a clear out of the utility room as well.  A major spring clean ensued.  I lost count of the trips I made to the charity shop to donate items I had accumulated over the years, and countless plastic bottles and tubs eme