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Book Review: The Season For Love by M.W. Arnold

The Season For Love - M. W. Arnold* Rating: Book Summary: Believing she was responsible for the death of her husband, Chrissie Stewart retreats from all those who love her. A chance meeting with mysterious stranger, single-parent Josh Morgan and his bewitching young daughter Lizzy, breathe new life into her and gradually, she feels able to start to let go of the memory of her lost love. Unexpected links are revealed between the two families that strengthen the growing bonds she feels to this man and with the encouragement of her best friend Annie, herself hiding a hidden conflict from Chrissie, she battles with her demons to believe in her ability to trust and love again. Everything comes to a head on Christmas Day; which all goes to show that this is truly The Season for Love. Review: Congratulations to M.W. Arnold on his debut novel; The Season For Love *. There is a strong theme of love, loss and friendship running through the novel, which had me de