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Cinderella Shoes Published in Scribble Magazine

I came home last night and found the new issue of Scribble Magazine waiting for me.  As always I opened it eagerly, ready to dive into its short stories.  However there at the top of the contents page was a wonderful surprise... My name.

My short story 'Cinderella Shoes' had been accepted by the editor earlier this year, but I had no idea when it would appear in the magazine.  When I received the email to tell me that he wanted to publish my story I had been ecstatic, but that was nothing to the delight at finding my story in print in the magazine in my hands.

I have to admit that I regressed to my childhood and spent most of the evening periodically jumping up and down alongside gleeful declarations of "I'm published, I'm published".

Although I had my first story published last year, and have been fortunate to have a few more accepted for publication since, this is the first one to appear in physical form rather than online.  The thrill of actually being able to hold my story in my hands was (and still is) absolutely amazing.

The Forward Poetry Flash Fiction Anthology which includes my 100 word flash fiction "The Art of Conversation," was published on 31st August 2015, but I haven't seen it yet.  I can imagine that when I do there will be more jumping and squealing involved.


  1. I read this story and really liked it! I didn't think I was going to either! It was witty and had a nice little twist :-)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments. I'm delighted you enjoyed the story :)


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