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Cloudy with a chance of disappointment

So there I was, all excited about the possibility of watching last nights meteor shower.  So much so that I actually remembered to look out of my window.

Usually with this type of rare event, I head off to bed with a nagging feeling of having forgotten something, which typically remains a mystery to me until my colleagues are discussing it the next day.

But this time was different.  This time I was going to join in the excited post event chatter in the morning.  That was the theory anyway.

The reality was that I spent about an hour or so, repeatedly peeking through my curtains to peer up at a big expanse of nothingness.  No meteors, no stars, and not even an airplane penetrated the darkness, which given I live under a flight path was a pretty momentous event itself.

I fear the only thing I achieved, aside from a sense of disappointment, was to end up looking like a nosy neighbour with my curtains twitching all night.