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Tutorials - Simple Dropper Earrings

2 Headpins
2 Earwires
6 Coloured Beads
8 Seed Beads

Wire Cutters
Round nose pliers
Needle Files (optional)


  • Thread the beads onto a headpin in the following order; seed bead, coloured bead, seed bead, coloured bead and then another seed bead.

  • Hold the beads in place with your thumb and forefinger, and bend the headpin 90 degrees at the top of the beads.

  • Leave 8mm of wire after the beads and then cut off the excess using the wire cutters.

  • You can carefully file the rough edge of the wire using a needle file if you have one.

  • Position the round nose pliers at the end of the wire and then, holding the beads in place between your thumb and forefinger, roll the wire away from you to form a loop.

  • Use the round nose pliers to ensure that the loop is even and that the end of the wire is neatly tucked in against the top of the bead, so that there are no rough edges exposed.

  • Use the round nose pliers to open the loop on the earwire.  Always open the loop sideways in order to retain the shape.
  • Thread the dropper you have just created on to the loop of the earwire and then close the loop.

  • Repeat the steps above to make the other earring.