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Dance of the Lawnmower

As it's a slightly early finish at the office on a Friday, my plan was to head on home and mow the lawns.  I know how to live it up on a Friday night don't I?

However, when one of my colleagues informed me that the weather forecasters are predicting a monsoon on Thursday, I figured that I might want to move it up my schedule.  Soggy lawns tend not to be much fun to mow.

So Wednesday night I unraveled the worlds longest extension cable, I dutifully located and tested the RCD adaptor and then began my ritualistic 'Dance of the lawnmower'.

While my neighbours can manage to stroll up and down their lawns with ease as their cable stays obediently behind them, I twist, turn, shove and tug my way around the garden.  All the while battling an unruly cable which is always too taut, too loose, or often somehow wrapped around me (don't ask!).

Nevertheless the end result is a short lawn.  Albeit with somewhat wonky lines and long edges.

More relieved that it was over than satisfied with the job I'd done, I finally packed the mower away in the shed.  More twisting, tugging and shoving involved here.  Large mower and over crowded shed... need I say more?

The only good thing is it means I now have Friday night to do whatever I want.  So what shall it be?  A quiet night at the pub?  A night out with the girls?  Or more likely... vacuuming the lounge?